Modern Bathroom Tiles

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Modern Bathroom Tiles
Homeowners have never had more choice when it comes to bathroom tiles! With a wide variety of tile types, styles and colours, you can create almost any effect imaginable.
Many people prefer the clean lines of a modern design, although that term can encompass many different looks. Here are some ideas for creating a modern feel with tile in the bathroom:
  • Mix and Match
o Decorate a wall using narrow blue stone tiles along with blue sea glass cut into the same shape. Mix the types of tiles randomly and use various shades of blue and blue-green, evoking the beach.
o Blend tiles of glass, stone and metal in an abstract wall mosaic.
  • Play with Shape and Size
o Install a floor made of random flat brown "pebble” tiles of various shapes and sizes.
o Line a shower stall with large rectangular sand-coloured stone tiles, broken by a thick horizontal stripe made of small square tiles in various colours of brown.
o Try round, hexagonal or elongated oval tiles on the wall.
  • Play with Colour
o Use green glass tiles of varying widths on a wall.
o Go monochromatic – tile everything in various black materials. (Or white. Or pink.)
o Go colourless and tile the walls with clear glass subway tiles.
  • Play with Texture
o Use fabric covered tiles, bamboo, mother of pearl tiles, or glass pebbles.
o Rather than flat wall tiles, install three-dimensional stone panels.
  • Play with Materials
o Install large smoky-grey glass tiles on the floor.
o Use shiny metal tiles on the walls.
o Tile the outside of your bathtub with the same tile that's on the floor or on the wall.
o Use small square multicoloured glass wall tiles and place lights behind to illuminate them.
  • Go Minimalist
o Paint the floor and ceiling black and use white stone subway tiles on the wall.
From Concept to Finished Bathroom
Once you've decided on a design, you may need to enlist the help of experts in order to find the right materials and ensure that the plan can be executed properly. If you have DIY skills, you may need only to consult on the materials.
One resource can be your tile supplier. For example, if you decide to put in a wall of stone tile, you can speak to a stone specialist about the types of tile available. Although stone tiles such as granite, marble and limestone are available from various merchants –even hardware stores, in some cases – only a company that specializes in providing stone will be able to assess your needs and recommend the right product and the right techniques.
Ontario homeowners are fortunate to have some of the country's best stone suppliers servicing large areas of the province. If you're not near a showroom, you can contact a stone supplier by phone or email.
It's easy to create a modern bathroom using tiles – and a little ingenuity!